2017 Facilitators

Welcome to the beautiful and powerful women who will be guiding us through both new and familiar spaces. Guiding and supporting us on our journey to embrace our inner goddess, they will journey us through a range of workshops that will inspire, connect and open our hearts.  We are all so excited to have such an abundance of energy and passion at this years Everywoman Gathering.

Camila.CaeronCamila Caeron is from Brazil, with Spanish & Portuguese roots and last year she has become an Australian Citizen, having lived here for seven years. She is a spiritual seeker since her early 20’s!
Camila has been studying dance movement therapy, Tantra, somatic practices and facilitating transformational shamanic workshops for the past 3 years in Melbourne, Gold Coast and Northern Rivers NSW. The deeper she delves into those somatic practices, the greater her passion for sharing and empowering others. That’s why she created the Ecstatic Temple in 2016.
Through the 5Elements Dance Activation journeys Camila offers a pathway for people to be present in the moment and embody all that is going on in their physical, emotional, energetic bodies; giving space to honour their unique body as a Temple and fully embracing their free forms of expression. The great world music is chosen especially to help the dancer to embody the 5 Elements, to connect with nature and engage with their energy and the collective vibration of the group, to feel joy and connect with their inner goodness, their authentic self.
Camila is passionate to guide people to follow their body threads until they meet parts of their inner nature, their truth. Her work is for those seeking opportunities for authentic expression, a space to be gently guided through comfort and discomfort, light and dark, love and fear, in a dance towards unfolding their own inner truth, towards uncovering our own hidden strengths, towards the light within. Fully opening their heart to feel full spectrum of emotions with love, acceptance and compassion. Ultimately, awakening their consciousness to live a more joyful, empowered and fulfilled life.
With the Ecstatic Temple Camila has been facilitating workshops in Northern Rivers NSW, Gold Coast and eventually in Melbourne. As well transformational festivals and retreats.

Catherine.DeanCatherine Dean. Vocal toning is my passion.  I have seen it bring so much change, love and integration to whatever it touches.
My interests in health and vocal expression plus the learning accumulated in the many creative courses that I have attended have led to my present vocation of Vocal Toner.  I consider the benefits to be very far reaching as it offers support, healing and health to the individual who then shares those benefits with family, workplace and community.  These benefits also extend to those in a group context.   Vocal Toning brings people together, it sup ports and affirms the group and lends opportunity to create vision for the future and for the individual functioning as part of a team.  Toning honours the voice –for the individual and the group.  It allows recovery individually and together.  It brings with it many health benefits from supporting the physical body to offering personal space in which to breathe.  It is fun, non-intrusive, has no religious bias.

Julie.StokellJulie Stokell. Divine Jewel indulges you in Numerology, Yoga, Meditation, Emotional Anatomy Therapy and Intuitive Healings to nurture and empower your mind, body and soul. Julie Stokell is the founder and owner of Divine Jewel.
Julie delights in her passion for delving intuitively in with you to deepen awareness and acceptance of who you truly are by birthright. Drawing on extensive studies, qualifications and practical experience she offers a select plethora of tools for self-reflection, self-discovery and personal empowerment.
All the fruits of Divine Jewel facilitate you in reclaiming your personal power so that you emerge more confident in your potential to achieve a rich and meaningful life.

Kate.M.FosterKate M Foster, Writer, sharer, truth bearer, wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend.
Wherever she finds herself on this beautiful planet, Kate shares her life with brave adventurers just like you, including her beloved Husband and two precious daughters. Equal to her love of sharing is hiding away in her ridge-top home on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. When not writing or adventuring with her family, you will find her in the garden, on the deck listening to native birds, reading, drinking tea or planning the next wonderful adventure she has on offer for each of you. Kate ventures far and wide, her passion for service sees her speaking, sharing and offering retreats all around this beautiful earth. 2017 has seen the release of her long awaited book ‘An Invitation to Trust’, with a tour throughout Australia, Canada and the USA. She loves trusting the invitations life offers her. Kate’s message is clear. You are not alone. United we rest. Together we walk on. Stay brave precious hearts.

Marie.KayeMarie Kaye is a nature lover with a strong connection to the elements and spirit world. Her connectedness flows through in all that she offers – intuitive energy healing, holistic counselling, personal growth and expansion workshops for both children and woman, and transformational meditation sessions.
Marie’s natural ability to connect and relate to women from all walks of life comes from a deep love of woman and sacred women’s wisdom. Accessing and honouring our grandmothers, connecting with Mother Earth and dropping into our deep woman’s knowing, Marie is able to offer a safe, nurturing and healing space to journey to the depth where it feels right for each woman. This journey to unleashing the Goddess within is guided with the utmost respect, gentleness and love, then concludes with one of Marie’s big heartfelt hugs.

Marnie.CollinsMarnie Collins. See Yourself As Sacred – Sacred Self-Care.
A Goddess is empowered to set healthy loving boundaries for herself, sees herself as Sacred, looks within for the answers, values the importance of self-care & Surrounds herself with a “temple” that inspires, empowers and supports her.
In this offering we will explore the importance of sacred self-care and build a temple worthy of the Goddess you are.

Noeline.Banover.000Noeline Banova has over 30 years experience working as an intuitive counsellor, energy worker, Liquid Crystal practitioner and vocal coach. She is an Elder in numerous Women’s circles and is dedicated to being of service to the sacred feminine. She brings a lifetime of skills acquired through her own healing journey and shares these gifts with enthusiasm, joy and a cheeky sense of humour. Noeline also enjoys a good yarn and expresses herself through story telling and sharing ideas and concepts that expand the knowledge of ourselves and our place in the universe.

Oriana.MacGiollaRiOriana Mac Giolla Ri. Wake up and slip into your sensuality with Brisbane based Nia facilitator, Oriana Mac Giolla Ri. This woman loves to inspire others to find their state of inner grace and personal power on the dance floor. A devoted mother of three, Oriana is also a passionate Nia Brown Belt practitioner, Nia, and Nia 5 Stages instructor with weekly classes in South East Brisbane.
Oriana creates sacred space through the music, movement and magic of the Nia Technique. She brings her playful inner child to create a joy filled, healing dance that nurtures the whole being body mind emotions and spirit. Be moved and fascinated by your innate movement potential, as you explore your body’s sacred physical and emotional home, and birthplace of your creative potential.
Oriana invites you to come home to your body, and discover the joy inside you, the pleasure that comes when you begin to sense your unique brand of aliveness. As a personal practice Nia unveils a path to a joyful abundant way  to live every day.

Penny.HayesPenny Hayes. I have just published my first book, a transformative anthology of poetry called ‘Journeying Through the Elements.’ I find the elements Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Ether, to be such powerful allies to create what we want in our lives. I will be running workshops on using the elements. I’m an energy healer, and Feldenkrais Practitioner so am always keen to bring in body awareness and Earth’s grounding magic. I work as a Body-mind Therapist using a variety of interesting modalities. I have facilitated many women’s groups and believe in their power to support and transform. I provide a safe grounded nurturing space. I love to read, surf, dance, have fun and am in the Brisbane Playback Theatre Troupe. I am a mother, a wife, and I have three sisters. I am in full crone Dom, with weird body symptoms. I’m a cranky, crazy, intuitive elder enjoying life’s ride.

Robin.ClayfieldRobin Clayfield is an international Facilitator, Trainer, Author of three books and a Musician. Her big passions are Creative, Interactive Group Work, Women’s and Men’s Empowerment, Permaculture, Deep Ecology, Ritual and Ceremony. Working with the Mum’s on ‘Journey’s to Manhood’ Camps, Playing in the Garden, Being a Grandma and Deep Relating with her partner Rob stirs her Heart and Soul.
She presents Dynamic Teaching and Facilitation courses locally and globally, workshops on Earth Connection, Visioning, Decision Making, Women’s Empowerment and Social Permaculture plus Consultancy for Trainers, Facilitators and Community Organisations.
Robin has led many Wild Women’s Wisdom weekends and Relationship Retreats and facilitates at festivals and gatherings, including Woodford Folk Festival, ‘The Joining’, Community Development Conferences, ‘Everywoman’ and ‘Being Woman’. She is an ‘Elder’ and Ceremony Holder for ‘The Joining’ and ‘Being Woman’ Community and an acknowledged Elder and Pioneer of the Global Permaculture Movement.
‘The Love Feast’ relationship process, ‘The Sacred Union Labyrinth’ and ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ Methodology are her creations which she loves sharing with the world.

Stephanie.ListerStephanie Lister’s journey with crystals was activated at a critical time in her life and evolved into a deep passion of the tools the earth offers us for healing and support. Along with the study of Crystal Resonance Therapy, Reiki and Massage, Stephy immersed herself in travelling throughout the world connecting with the Sacredness of the earth, the Wild Spirit of the land and Ceremony in many different cultures. Her intention through ceremony is to provide tools to nourish our infinite potential and to awaken the divine Medicine Woman that resides in us all.
When Stephy isn’t sitting in circle with other amazing women you will find her with her feet in a creek, making huge fires, hugging the nearest tree, following the paths of the big winged creatures in the sky, making fairy gardens with her two wee ones and singing to the dolphins and whales down near the ocean.
Stephanie now lives in Maleny and offers beautiful Crystalicious Massages and New moon circles which help to support, nourish and lush up our souls for this sacred time on earth.

Teena.AngeliaTeena Angelica works as a Clairvoyant, Energy Healing Practitioner and Artist, residing and working in Brisbane. She has been working and learning about energy for over 25 years. Her art work and clients span the globe as Teena enjoys connecting with people of all cultures and diversity.  She finds satisfaction and joy sharing her knowledge and connection with others through private consultations, painting and facilitating workshops on spiritual development and creativity.

Tracey.Smith.000Tracey Smith is gifted with a variety of intuitive, clairvoyant and mediumship abilities. Tracey’s unique energy healing is drawn from a spectrum of healing modalities, including Reiki, spiritual energy healing and guided communication. As a conduit for higher guidance, she works to help the client access their own guidance, to unlock and empower themselves to move forward with their own healing.
Tracey provides a sense of comfort, peace to all those around her and is a real example of how living your authentic self brings fullness to your being on all levels. Tracey is passionate about activating those that are open and ready to access their own personal power and inner wisdom for healing. This assists them to live their authentic self/ life with meaning and purpose to enjoy abundant happiness, peace and joy.
Reiki Master, Author of ‘Messages from the Space Within’, Teacher, Intuitive Councillor, Spiritual Artist, Meditation and sound Therapist, Life Coach, Massage Therapist.

Virginia.WoodVirginia Woods is a spiritual seeker, dancer, somatic psychotherapist, dance and creative arts therapist. Virginia brings principles and experience of a life long practice of meditation, mindfulness and shamanism to her dance and work. She has a passion for dance and a commitment to supporting people to develop a sense of joyful wellbeing in mind, spirit and body, and learning to experience and honour their True Self. She has over 30 years experience in counselling and running workshops.

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